Capture unique moments in a space that was created to give life to your images


Studio Womb: Every image has a story, we are ready to help you tell yours. We have many versatile spaces, all with an artistic and unique aura.

Unique spaces

Our spaces are designed to inspire and create, so that your photos and videos are magic. Enjoy many different scenarios in the same place.

Different textures and colors

Where creativity becomes art. Our space is your canvas, your story is our inspiration. Enjoy the colors and textures in Studio WOMB.

Spaces full of art and culture

Every corner of the house is full of inspiration, our walls are covered with works of art, furniture and objects that will accompany and guide your shots.

Editorial productions

Our spacious and bright studio gives you the freedom to explore your creativity without limits. Our facilities are equipped to meet your needs.


Whether you're a creative photographer, videographer or an editorial producer looking for the ideal space, Studio Womb is here to make your aspirations a reality. Discover how every corner of our studio is designed to elevate your editorial productions to exceptional levels.

WOMB is much more than a house; it's a captivating setting for artistic expression. Whether you're looking to capture the essence of California colonial charm or simply need a stunning backdrop for your visual projects, WOMB invites you to bring your creative visions to life in an environment that combines timeless elegance with contemporary beauty.

Reviews of Womb

Jessica Juliao

Womb is itself a creative space, built with a vision of community and a vessel of inspiration(...) Womb gave me a place to create without boundaries and its beautiful structure provided the perfect backdrop for my project.

Reylia Slaby

As a photographer, this place was spectacular. We were working with nude themes on the day of the shoot and Womb was completely open to any concept we had, which is a key thing when you're creating.

Carolina Dousdebes

A space of creativity in the flesh, with inspiration of textures, colors and sensations that help you explore your own gestation of imagination in every event and meeting at Womb.

Naty Montoya

Womb is an excellent place to make audiovisual content, it has spaces that can be modified, transformed or used in this way, it is full of textures, it has an exquisite taste that enriches any possible piece. It is a source of inspiration for artists.

Learn more about the space

Explore your creativity

WOMB has several spaces where you can interact with the environment. 300 mt2 of construction is distributed in 3 levels, 1 patio and 2 terraces.

Play with spaces

In the studio space you have the freedom to paint walls, move objects, set up scenery, lights or whatever you want and play with your imagination.

Ecological place

At WOMB we believe that we can create amazing things without generating a lot of waste, and our terraces are full of beautiful vegetation that will be the perfect backdrop for your ideas.

Multiple scenarios

At Studio Womb we have 12 unique spaces, each with their beauty and magic. We also have two terraces and a garden below full of plants and flowers.

Incredible natural lighting

Whether you're capturing moments in stills or shooting video, this soft, immersive natural light makes every image a work of art in itself.

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