Art club 3 - Body of Clay

juLIO. 2023

The exploration of clay as a tool and mirror to honor our body"

July 08 - WOMB Mexico

We delve into the ancient idea that our bodies are made of clay, the primordial material that shapes us. Legend has it that our bodies are molded by divinity from the earth of this planet, like a latent vessel that houses the breath of life that makes us human.

The concept of the clay pot creates a symbolic relationship with our human body, between matter and spirit, between the process of creating a piece and the process of perfecting the being, transforming itself through fire. The flexible and moldable clay becomes a complete and resistant piece through fire. In the same way, we transform ourselves and acquire wisdom in the face of life's experiences.

The activity during the party was working with clay tiles that will form a mural around the metaphor of the physical body as a clay container. Led by Melissa Grassie each participant took one mosaic to intervene them by adding shapes through the act of engraving, drawing or painting each mosaic with different colored clays, as well as various tools. Each participant took the clay body mosaic corresponding to the part of his or her body that he or she wanted to honor.

During the evening, performance artist interacted with the public as a living being of clay using the technique of Butoh. This performance was carried out by a dancer with her clothes and body covered with red clay, and a mask of the same material. Moving and dancing slowly, embodying a clay figurine, raising awareness of the breath of life within her.

Artist: Melissa Grassie
Chef: Yamil Guzmán
Perf: Maa Iracheta
Dj's: Zol Ekaterina / Paco D Harleyson

Event completed