September. 2022

“In a world where tragedies have shaken humanity, the need arises to question our relationship to it”

Hunger, disease, violence, lack of love, pollution and death are all types of sufferings that will be addressed from the rawness of Entrañas. This was the debut performance by Lilian Esteban who both wrote, directed and performed. Entrañas was a performance where the public was faced with each of the types of suffering in the form of circus characters with the intension of deep, emotional impact.

Entrañas was a circus of sensations that traversed through the dark corners of the mind and body to lead the audience to turning points where tragedy becomes the breaking point. Will there be a light at the end?

If we are born in the womb in the midst of pain, is pain a point of new beginnings? We discover it from the guts (entrañas)...