Green come on

APril. 2022

The the iconic singer Chavela Vargas used to say “Mexicans are born wherever the fuck they want".

Green Come On, A performance and ritual by Miguel Angel Corona that explored the history several American figures decided to travel to the heart of Mexico to enhance their art and rediscover themselves.

Ralph Roeder, Daniela Edburg, Sandro Cohen, Ethel Cooke, Angélica María and many others were the artists discussed during the performance, exposing their life, work and journey in Mexico.

The evening closed by welcoming Joui Turandot, founder of WOMB, who in a beautiful ceremony was officially baptized as a "Chilanga" meanwhile images of corn and other Mexican indigenous plants were symbolically carved on the walls to inaugurate a new era in Joui's life and Womb as a place of importance in local Mexican culture.