Redefining endings

April. 2023

“Redefining endings" Exhibition and talk by artista Lila Vail.

According to a Nature journal report, it is estimated that each person on the planet produces one kilo of garbage per day.

Reuse and recycling is part of the solution, for this reason Lila Vail merged recycling with art, to resignify the concept of trash and give way to the beauty of the unexpected.

On April 29, 2023 Lila Vail presented us her amazing work entitled "Redefining Endings" composed of various sculptures of organic forms but composed of materials that humans throw away, such as; plastics, metals, cables, among others. Below is her artist statement.

Climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution & amp; waste are evidence that Earth is in a state of “code red”. We need to wake up to how overconsumption and misuse of materials has damaged our planet. If we take care of man-made materials already in existence, we can simultaneously take care of nature.
My works on show are a combined narrative of natural and artificial forms, a documentation of their similarities and growing involvement with one another. Sculpting with discarded materials allows me to exercise hope, and optimism, with the opportunity to extend the life of things that were believed to have reached their end. In construction and installation, they consist of nothing but found materials.
We can live again in harmony with the natural world, and by realising the intrinsic value in these things that we dispose of our eyes will be open to how they can live on in a productive way, for us as individuals and for the health of our planet.

by. Lila Vail

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