23 y 30 de sep y 7 de oct. 2023

"Verano" is the second immersive theater production directed by Juliana Spínola / La Pacha Apapacha in collaboration with Womb Mexico.

In this adaptation of Shakespeare's classic (A Midsummer Night's Dream), we delve into the reality of the play and its characters in a more contemporary and playful version of the same.

The interplay between the actors and the space is essential. We play with the space to explore what it offers us, how we move within it, and how we adapt to this spatiality.

Director: Juliana Spínola Marcili

Dramaturgical Adaptation: Iván Tula

Cast: Abraham Alcalá, Abraham Mendoza, Adrián Martagón, Armando Rodríguez, César Calderón, Darko Noguez, Diego Hernández, Ingrid Torres, Julieta Valentino, Marcela Feregrino, Nuria Martínez, Oscar Meave, Renne Cossio, Yollotl Manzur.

Assistant Director: Adrián Mercado

Available Dates: 23 y 30 de September y 7 de October

Venue: WOMB

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